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The first step to successful homeownership starts here...

Ready to buy a new home? You’ve come to the right place! The decision to purchase a home comes with tons of questions and concerns that I have the answers to. Anyone can be a successful homeowner with my guidance! Whether you are purchasing your first home or your next home, the resources on this site are a perfect place to start and are just a few examples of the expertise that I provide. Don’t hesitate to explore my site for more helpful content. I look forward to being a part of your home buying journey!

The complete home buying process... in 9 STEPS!

Buying a home is one of the biggest investments of your life. It is beneficial for your family and your wallet. Navigating and completing the home buying process with little mistakes is necessary to becoming a successful homeowner. The key to the entire home buying journey is to know the numbers before you find the house. This brings us to the first step of home buying.

1) Find a home loan lender

Before you start browsing and shopping for homes and scheduling tours, find a lender you like and trust. A trustworthy lender is transparent about their mortgage license, rate and fees. They should give you options and offer underwritten approvals. Getting pre-approved with a lender first confirms your monthly payment range, down payment and cash to close. This sets your budget and creates a target for what you can realistically afford. Don’t set yourself up for heartbreak by finding your dream home FIRST, only to learn that you can’t afford it after talking to a lender. CALL, TEXT or EMAIL me today to get started on pre-qualifying. 

2) Find a realtor

Once the numbers are confirmed the next step is to find a realtor. Finding a house you like in today’s market is easy considering all the available home search websites. The key benefit to hiring a realtor is that they know how to negotiate a transaction and get you the best deal. Your realtor handles all of the communication with the seller and assists with completing all of the necessary steps to get you to an offer and closing. Additionally a realtor will also know the costs and improvements needed on a home. CALL, TEXT or EMAIL me today if you are pre-qualified to get started on browsing homes in your desired area.

3) Find a house, open escrow

You have your pre-qualification and a realtor now. Time to find a house and submit an offer. Once negotiated terms and purchase price are accepted by a seller you will submit your earnest money deposit check. If you have a smart realtor then your offer should contain an inspection and appraisal contingencies. The inspection contingency makes sure the house is functional and ready to move in to. The appraisal contingency verifies the value of the home and passes your loan program’s requirements. The loan contingency secures the agreed seller/buyer purchase price. Send the earnest money deposit check for clearance after the purchase price is set. After it clears, open escrow. This give you time to either lock your loan or float down the rate. If you need assistance with this step CALL, TEXT or EMAIL me today!

4) Initiate your loan application

Upon submitting your loan application your lender will send out disclosures and a loan estimate. As the buyer, you will sign initial disclosures and send updated conditions to get approval. Appraisal, home inspection and termite inspection are ordered. If you need assistance with this step CALL, TEXT or EMAIL me today!

5) Conditional loan approval

Clear title, escrow and appraisal. Then, clear your credit, income and assets. If the home doesn’t appraise, start negotiating. If you need assistance with this step CALL, TEXT or EMAIL me today!

6) Lock your loan, review disclosure and closing documents

After you lock your loan, the mortgage bank will issue a closing disclosure before the loan documents go out. Make sure everything on the disclosure matches your loan estimate. If it doesn’t there’s a 3 day cooling period to make changes before your loan documents are sent out. If you need assistance with this step CALL, TEXT or EMAIL me today!

7) Sign loan documents

Sign your loan and escrow documents with a notary approved by the title company present. 

8) Bring in your money, do a final walkthrough

Be careful of wire fraud! Only wire money to an account that’s been verified by your lender.

9) Fund your loan, record and get your keys!

Your loan is funded after your conditions clear and they receive your money. Then, it all gets recorded either same day or the following business day (check your county). Then comes the best part, you get the keys to your dream home!